Linux / Unix Administration

Complete Linux Administration.

From PHP to MySQL, Apache to Perl:  SparqPlug's Linux administration expertise spans decades with experiences in all envrionments, from small servers to high-volume application servers.

Stop worrying about configurations, updates, security or if your through paying your hosting company for your support let SparqPlug give you peace of mind so that you can focus on what really matters:  Your business!

Software Support.

Do not settle for standard Linux OS updates while your third-party is ignored.  SparqPlug will monitor your OS and application software ensuring it is kept up-to-date and safe from external threats.

Intrusion Detection.

SparqPlug will perform routine sweeps of your system looking unauthorized access of your systems.  If desired, open-source (Suricata, Snort) or paid software can installed and configured to assist in monitoring inrustions.  

Hardware Support.

Deploying a new server?  Need help architecting a new hardware (and software) solution?  Or do you simply need assistance with your current set of hardware beyond what your current IT department or hosting service provides?  SparqPlug has over 20 years of system architecting and hardware support.

Performance Monitoring.

At the end of the day, after your hardware is in place, software installed, and systems configured...they need to perform.  SparqPlug can offer 24x7 system monitoring using open source tools like Nagios and if a performance problem is detected we can work with your existing support structure or work independently to get the problem corrected and your system working at it's peak capability.